Moving House With Kids – The Top Ten Tips

Relocating with the kids feels like a frustrating task. Fortunately we have seen it done well over the years, and have some useful information to help you get through.

How do I prepare my kids for moving house?

If you’re a parent or guardian , you are aware that every child is unique – a few accept change, some have to heat up to it, and every kid sets at their own pace. Even though the ultimate way will vary with respect to the personalities involved, a few simple suggestions and tips can help smooth the transition.

  1. Give yourself time

Without or with loved ones, moving is a task we usually ignore. Making it possible for yourself some overlap time between properties will lessen the emergency – and in turn the strain – of the required packing and cleaning. Additionally, it is effective to tackle the big things first, for example taking apart beds, prior to the removalists arrive – this is particularly essential if your babysitting windows are very restricted.

  1. Ask for help

You shouldn’t be afraid to call on friends and family to recommend for the best movers in your city or man with a van. Whether preparing for the move, or looking after the kids, any assistance you are able to muster up will help you go through the potentially difficult change. If your support is restricted and you’re not sure who to call upon, consider putting a Facebook post (or similar) out there amongst your broader community. It may shock you who puts their hand up to assist, whether it’s with babysitting during the actual loading and moving stage, or helping out with meals, school drop offs and other tasks. We’ve met people who love moving day (although they are few and far between).

  1. Prepare a ‘must-haves’ box

Pack a different box for things like school books, snacks, lunchboxes, towels, toothbrushes and favourite toys – this way you’ve quick entry to necessities for the entire week, that will buy you time with the remainder of the unloading. Other handy items for your ‘must-haves’ box include spare light bulbs and toilet paper rolls. Get the children to help pack the ‘must-haves’ box – they are able to choose their favourite items to have to hand, and it’s a fantastic way to enable them to feel involved.

  1. Have a nightlight handy

A dim nightlight may be beneficial while children settle into a new place. Throw that one into the ‘must-haves’ box too.

  1. Make it an adventure

Carrying out a drive-by of the new property to familiarise your sons or daughters with their new area is a superb way to build excitement. Moving could be contacted as an adventure; exploring new playgrounds, parks and shops could be an easy way to produce a positive feeling for the new chapter. Likewise, relating to the kids in some playful decision-making can also help everybody adjust seamlessly. This is often as simple as considering your children’s input on the layout of their new room.

Making as numerous parts of the moving process as you possibly can a collaborative effort can instil a sense of teamwork, which certainly helps in times of instability.

  1. Go easy with the unpacking

When you have finally got all your possessions into your new home, it’s not hard to feel like you need everything set up perfectly at the earliest opportunity. It is often easier to believe that the unpacking will take days (if not weeks), and focus on the essentials. Are all the beds set-up? Do the kids have access to their favourite toy? If so, you just might have done enough for now.

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